When I first came into this office I suffered from migraines and headaches that I have had since I was 12 years old, as well as neck and back pain for about 10 years.  I had been prescribed medication for the migraines because they were debilitating, sometimes to the point where I could not go to work.  My stress level from pain was so high that I decided to go see Dr. Perillo who I discovered through a coworker.  Dr. Perillo was very patient about explaining her treatments regarding my condition.  After my first adjustment I noticed relief right away and my migraines decreased in severity.  Within a few more adjustments my morning headaches were gone.  At this point I feel my posture is starting to improve and I am more active and flexible.  I’m able to say that I am no longer experiencing migraines on a weekly basis.  I would certainly refer a friend or family member to see Dr. Perillo.



Before I came to Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ I suffered from neck pain for about six months.  The pain went up into my head and gave me slight headaches.  At work it was hard to read or work on the computer because looking down was very painful.  I also had trouble turning my head when I was driving.  I was extremely stressed because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and why the pain wasn’t going away.  One of my friends referred me to this office because she suffered from horrible headaches and Dr. Perillo helped her so much.  I had been to a chiropractor before, but it was different than Dr. Perillo’s protocol, my old chiropractor just focused on my body being aligned.  Within the first week or so of seeing Dr. Perillo I started feeling better.  I like how Dr. Perillo helps me understand where the pain is coming and how to relieve it.  Before coming to this office I tended to bare the pain rather than just taking care of thing when they happened.  I have mentioned it to my family about seeing Dr. Perillo and would absolutely refer any of my friends to see her.  It was amazing to see after 2 months how much better I feel.

– Gerri


I’ve been following Sandy for about 10 years.  My initial visit was because I had been treated medically for tendonitis.  All conventional treatment failed and I was told that the only option left was surgery.  I decided to seek out something unconventional as I I had nothing to lose.  Surprisingly, I felt relief after the first treatment. It took only 3 treatments to cure my tendonitis.  I have had a flare up which she successfully cured. In addition, Sandy has treated my sinusitis, bursitis and allergies.  I have become a believer of holistic and complimentary medicine. Although no drugs have been involved, I always leave my acupuncture treatments feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.  Her treatments are so relaxing… When the initial place she worked closed down, I had a panic attack and searched the Internet to find her!

She is professional, compassionate and empathetic.  I highly recommend her therapy because it makes me feel like a new person!

Michael D.

Katelyn began seeing Dr. Donna Perillo in July 2007, because she was suffering from allergies and frequent upper respiratory illnesses.  Katelyn was frequently sick in the winter and spring, which caused her to miss a lot of school.  Katelyn was put on several types of medications, including inhalers and a nebulizer.

Each time Katelyn got sick, she’d visit her Pediatrician.  The Pediatrician recommended that Katelyn see an allergist for further testing.  The allergist found that Katelyn had a weakened immune system, specifically in the upper respiratory area.

The results Katelyn has experienced under Dr. Donna’s care are nothing short of amazing.  Yes, Katelyn is a kid and still gets sick from time to time, but much less often than her classmates.  When she does get sick, the staff at Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ make sure Katelyn is able to come as soon as possible.  Dr. Donna adjusts Katelyn and recommends supplements to help her get well.  Katelyn’s symptoms are less severe or have completely gone away by the next day.

Katelyn has just completed her second school year in a row with “Perfect Attendance,” and we believe this is due to her Chiropractic care.  Today, we believe Katelyn and the rest of our family are healthy due to adjustments, supplements, and the care we are given by Dr. Donna.



“As a college athlete, my body is put in overdrive so I can be in the best shape possible. Playing basketball on hard wood floors created pain in my feet, lower back and shoulders. With Chiropractic treatment at Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ, my body has never felt better. After a long week of practices and games, one visit to Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ gets my body ready to go again. Personally, after leaving I feel energized and taller. Chiropractic has helped relieve my pain and gets my body ready for the next big game!”

-Makenzie, College Athlete


Coming into Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ for my first time I suffered severe pain in my left heel causing me to limp. I have had this for several months and it kept getting worse. This prevented be from going on walks with my friends and caused me pain all the time. Before coming to the office I tried taking ibuprofen, getting massages, different lotions, elevating my foot, and wearing shoes with more support, but all of this didn’t seem to make things much better. During a discussion with Dr. Donna & request for podiatrist referral, Dr. Donna suggested she could send me for an X-ray of my heel.  The results showed calcium deposits & heel spur.  Suggested procedure to address this was a combination of Chiropractic adjustments, cold laser & ultra sound.  Although this eventually addressed the left heel pain, it was discovered that I was still walking lopsided with occasional back &/or hip pain & uneven wearing of shoe heels.  Various adjustments were added to my appointments to address these issues.  Side benefit is this seems to have somewhat alleviated discomfort from Morton’s Neuroma which had been experiencing.  At first appointments were as many as 3/week, but now appointments are much less and I also continue with monthly Foot Detox Baths which help eliminate heavy metals. Being a patient of Dr. Donna’s helped me not to experience nearly as much pain as I used to.



My 18 month old son had chronic unexplained diarrhea and could not digest almost all foods since birth. We had been to multiple doctors and specialist and no one could help. We had to buy expensive formula in order to feed him. It was horrible to see my child suffering and have no way to help. I heard about Dr. Perillo from a friend that lives in North Carolina that goes to a kinesiologist and he recommended Dr. Donna. The process was slow and steady, but in a matter of time I saw amazing changes. My husband was skeptical at first, but now he can’t believe the results. My favorite part of coming to the office was seeing the results. My son is able to eat so much more and socialize. His diarrhea has improved dramatically and his stomach pain has subsided. We love Dr. Perillo and owe her so much for helping to make our lives normal again! Food is such a huge part of socializing and life in general and when you are constantly making special foods or unable to go to restaurants or parties it takes a toll on everyone. Thank you Donna!



I’ve been seeing Dr. Donna for over four years and I trust her 100% and after being adjusted I feel the tension and headaches are completely gone – it’s amazing. I went from going twice a week to now once every other week. Easy to talk with as well being very knowledgeable in Neuropathic care.