therapyPhysical Therapists are health professionals who examine and treat individuals of all ages who have physical conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit their ability to move or perform functional “activities” of daily living. Only after a thorough evaluation, will the Physical Therapist then outline a treatment plan that will specifically address each patients need.


At Chiropractic Healing Center of NJ, physical therapy patient objectives include:

  • Restore or maximize joint range of motion
  • Increase or maintain muscle strength/endurance
  • Maximize coordination, balance and functional patient independence
  • Minimize pain
  • Reduce or eliminate muscular spasm
  • Minimize joint or extremity swelling
  • Promote healing of soft tissue strains/sprains
  • Prevent joint contractures and/or deformities
  • Correct or modify gait deviations
  • Correct or modify postural deviations
  • Educate patients and families

Achievement of these objectives is reached by providing each patient a program of treatment interventions, such as: therapeutic exercise, manual techniques, stabilization activities, functional training, assistive/adaptive equipment or physical/electromagnetic modalities all of which can ultimately influence and maximize an individual’s rehabilitation success.

So remember, our Physical Therapist is a movement and function expert. Let’s outline a unique exercise program for you soon. If it’s physical, it’s therapy!