Could Some Of Your Health Problems Be From Allergies?

When most people think of allergy symptoms they think of a runny nose, watery eyes and sinus congestion. However, chronic exposure to allergens can produce symptoms that seem unrelated to allergies. Something as simple as changing one’s diet and eliminating the allergens can have a profound effect on one’s health.


Health Issues like Weight Gain, Mood Swings, and Reflux Can Be Symptoms of Allergies

An elimination diet is a great way to discover food allergies. Symptoms like ADHD, IBS, reflux, bloating, fatigue, hormonal and thyroid issues can improve when the provoking foods are eliminated.

An allergy is an immediate or delayed abnormal adverse immune system reaction to certain substances known as allergens or antigens. When exposed to allergens people that are allergic produce an excess of immunoglobulin E(IgE) and, or immunoglobulin G(IgG).

IgEs-when they react with allergens there is a release of histamine and other chemicals that produce allergic symptoms, usually within 2 hours.

IgGs-histamine and other chemicals that produce allergic symptoms are still released there is a delayed reaction usually 36-72 hours after exposure to antigen.

A delayed reaction is seen in most food allergies and food allergies are more difficult to identify.

Common symptoms include; a runny nose, watery eyes, sinus congestion, sore throat, skin rash, asthma, headaches, fatigue, coughing, and chest congestion.

Less common symptoms include; learning problems, hyperactivity, mood swings, weight loss or gain, appetite changes, arthritis, joint pain and swelling, seizures, heartburn, and ulcers.

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