Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy!! In fact, it is usually an uphill battle, especially during the holidays. It is, however, the best thing you can do to keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude eating a healthy diet and physically active can help you stay healthy throughout this holiday season, here I list a few ways for you to de-stress.

1. Plan the end the year

Write out everything that needs to be done by the end of the year; i.e.; holiday shopping, year-end taxes, year-end bills, doctor appointments etc.

2. Treat yourself to some “ME” time

Get a massage, sit in the sauna or a salt room, manicure, pedicure, get a facial, go for a walk.

3. Don’t run yourself ragged

Make sure you get enough sleep. 7-8 hours a day is good for most people.

4. Limit your sugar and alcohol intake and limit the other unhealthy carbs

Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and fiber, non-GMO and non-hybridized foods, organic, grass-fed meats, free-range poultry, and eggs.

5. Maintain some form of physical activity daily

Walking, yoga, kickbox, Zumba, lifting weights, biking, running are just a few ideas.

6. De-stress

Try things like meditation, visualization, Reiki, and yoga, and keep a journal of all the things you have accomplished this year and all the things you are grateful for.