Show Notes: Dr. David Seaman DC has been writing about chronic inflammation for 25 years. He wrote the first published scientific article about how diet can induce inflammation and promote pain. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Harvard Medical School have referenced his articles about pain, inflammation, diet, and obesity.

He is the author of “The DeFlame Diet”, which focuses on how to measure and reduce chronic inflammation through dietary means. It is the most detailed book on this topic that is written for the general public. If you want a simple approach to diet, the DeFlame approach is the way to go.

His most recent book is entitled “Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know”, which is available as a free Kindle book for Prime members and otherwise only .99 cents. This new book outlines the many societal, sensory, emotional, physiological, and primordial drives that promote weight gain and obesity. Obesity is a health menace and this book offers a strategy for maintaining proper weight for a lifetime.

Daily Habit: To sit in the penthouse of our brain, where we can see things more clearly, rather than the basement with no lights where confusion and emotions rule our decisions.

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