De-training, also known as de-compensation, is when you stop exercising. During the holidays we tend to be busier than usual and our free time seems to vanish, so exercise begins to take the back burner, even though our stress levels are on the rise!

Rather than completely give up on your exercise routine during the busy holiday season, below I suggest a few simple changes you can make instead.

1. Decrease the frequency of your workouts

If you exercise every day, cut it down to 4-5 times a week. Hopefully, you won’t lose the benefits that you worked so hard to accomplish.

2. Decrease the time that you normally exercise

For instance, instead of doing 3 sets, do 2 sets, or instead of walking 30 minutes walk 20-25.

3. Increase the intensity

If you cut the number of sets; try to do an extra 5 pounds of weight. If you walk on a treadmill or elliptical machine increase the incline.

4. Maintain a routine

It is so difficult to stop exercise completely and then try to restart. Maintaining some type of routine makes it easier to return to your normal routine.

Remember, if you cut corners on your health, you may pay the price and not enjoy the holidays at all!