During the holidays’ everyone gets so busy and sometimes-healthy habits get thrown by the wayside. But, when you are so busy and stressed is exactly when you need to stick with your routine. Did you know that when you stop your regular exercise, your body decompensates and there are negative physiological effects? That’s right you start to lose some of the positive effects you worked so hard to achieve!

My advice: maintain your exercise routine.

Here are a few reasons to exercise during the Holidays.

1. Reduces seasonal depression and anxiety

Shorter days and less sunlight cause many people to suffer from depression and anxiety. Exercise produces the release of encephalons and endorphins, which help to keep the mood uplifted.

2. Decreases the holiday stress level

Holiday shopping, going to parties, increased entertaining, and financial pressures only add to the stress. Exercise helps your body to deal with the pressure on a physiological level.

3. Boosts the immune system

The stress of the holidays can really run you down and the last thing you need is a cold or the flu.

4. Helps stop weight gain

With all the social events that take place during the holidays; it is difficult for most people to maintain their present weight. Daily exercise helps to keep that in check.